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Semi-automatic Double Head Filler

EXAMPLE PRODUCTS THE MACHINE CAN FILL: Food and Beverage: Ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, tahini, molasses, pomagranate molasses, edible oil, cooking oil, olive oil, boza, sauce, etc... Chemicals and Cosmetics: Liquid detergent, liquid hand soap, dish washing liquid, hot detergent gel,

Fills liquid and semi liquid products.
Draws the product directly from the production tank with vacuum
Can be easily moved by means of its braked castors.
Smart design for all applications.
Simple to use by any personnel
Made  of stainless steel which is suitable for food regulations & standards
No need for electricity, only compressor
Filling Accuracy ± 0,5 %

Suitable for hot fill products with operating temperature +5 / +90oC
Filling range can be easily adjusted by hand wheel with digital readout
Container tray with adjustable height.
Easy clean-up.

5 - 50 ml 3250 bph
15 - 150 ml 2500 bph
50 ml - 500 ml 1750 bph
50 ml - 1.000 ml 1400 bph
500 ml - 5.000 ml. 800 bph

Also the machine is possible to be built with a single our double hoppers to be able to fill viscous and/or small batch products.

The hopper may have a float mechanism to be automatically synchronized with the storage tank or any intermediate transfer pump.

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