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Stick Pack Packaging Machine for Granul

Applications: This is a fully automatic stick pack sachet packing machine for filling and sealing. It is applicable for packing powder and granular materials such as sugar, salt, milk powder, coffee powder, chocolate powder, grain powder, green tea powder, medicinal powder, nutrition powder, etc. in the industries of pharmacy, food, and agricultural chemicals.

Technical Specifications:

  • * 5.7” touch screen
  • PLC control system
  • photocell system with print color memory
  • Free coordination property for jaw group
  • possibility to Fill between 2gr to 20gr.
  • possibility to fill on the grammage desired
  • 5-6-7 lines packing system
  • 5-6-7 compartments volumetric filling system
  • capacity : 300 stick/min
  • Eccentric motor system on jaw mooves
  • 304 Stainless steel material on filling group
  • sensor controlling reel ending (optionel)
  • filling sensor controlling filling tank (optionel)
  • Free Operaror Training
  • Electrical schema
  • 2 years spare parts warranty
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